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Oakwood Terrace took great care of our mother until it was no longer appropriate for her to live there. The staff were all kind, helpful and professional. You have a great facility and we appreciate everything you did for our mom and our family.

~ Janet Ferraro


Mom entered Oakwood in the Birch neighborhood, then transferred to Willow. Her last, almost, year she was in Pine. All neighborhoods were excellent. Mom was very well cared for and after an adjustment period upon arrival—she felt very much at home. There is a feeling of family and community—so important to dementia sufferers, easing fear and anxiety.

Thank you all so very much!!

~ Karen Arasim


As Beth's guardians we can't say enough positive things about the facilities. Beth received care and love from the entire staff, even though we know it wasn't always easy. We know she presented a special problem but in spite of that challenge everyone cared for and loved her. We thank you with all our hearts.

~ The Guardians of Beth (Roey, Jeana & Pattie)


My mother was a resident of Oakwood for 10 years. I never once saw any staff member treat any of the residents with anything other than utmost respect and kindness. Oakwood is immaculately cleaned and feels like a real home and not an institution. The activities ladies are fantastic and the range of activities on offer are superb.

Everyone from Janine & Trish to all the nursing staff have gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist me. The staff makes Oakwood the fantastic place it is and they deserve to be commended.

~ Maureen Coston


Your dedication and devotion to your residents, staff & family is second to none! You have my heartfelt thanks and gratitude!

~ Susan Coombs


The care Dave received in his almost four years of residence at Oakwood was excellent. The entire staff from Management, Nursing, Activity, Dietary, Housekeeping, etc. made me feel comfortable that he was being given the best care possible. There was always excellent communication with me. It was obvious that the staff was very well-trained. They were extremely patient with each resident and addressed each one’s personal needs. I was always impressed by how content each resident seemed to be.

~ Carolyn Lippincott


"(The) Staff is exceptional. You are amazing people who will probably never get the credit you deserve for the work and service you provide. Can't say enough about how informed I was at all times regarding my mothers' well being in your facility.

Keep up the great work!"

~Mark Edwards


"On behalf of the late Joseph Renzi, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the entire staff for the wonderful care that he received while a resident at your facility."

~Joe and Cathy Renzi


"Thanks for the wonderful care you gave to my mother. Your entire staff should be commended for their competence and compassion. I always had the feeling that they cared about my mother's well being and I always felt as though they loved her as well. I could not ask for more than that. Good luck to all and God Bless You."

~Greg Barnic


"I would like to thank each and everyone for taking good care of Betty and for knowing that she needed to go to the hospital when she needed hospital care.

Oakwood became Betty's home and she was comfortable at Oakwood. I felt that she would be safe, warm & had a good meal every day. You met all her needs.

So thank you all again for everything you have done for my mom & me."

~JoAnn Mills


"Thank you for the heartfelt message you sent to me in my time of sadness. You were all so wonderful to my mom and dad. I will never forget the compassion you had given. My dad will be deeply missed to all that knew him. You were all so wonderful to both of them and my family going through such a difficult time in our lives; and here you are now sending this heartfelt card that I will always cherish from the bottom of my heart. Thank you again for everything."

~May Ann Panusky and Family


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such exceptional care of my grandfather. I cannot refer to Oakwood as a "facility" although I suppose that is the technical term. It was my grandfathers home, or as he would say "my place." Oakwood has assembled the most loving caring staff that I ever experienced and they never ceased to communicate with me even the smallest detail of my Grandfathers stay there. They became my extended family and my lifeline to my Grandfathers world.

When family care givers make the decision to seek extended care outside of the home, it's possibly the hardest decision in the world, and we did it three times before arriving at Oakwood. For once I felt confident that this was the right place. And it was.

Oakwood is a respite not only for those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's, but a respite for their families. It's warm, and beautiful, and that comes from the attitude of its staff not just from the furnishing and grounds.

I always struggled with the guilt of not being able to keep my Grandfather home with me, but in my heart of hearts I knew that I couldn't do for him everything that Oakwood could. What Oakwood did for him was not only advanced care, they created a family structure with him, the other residents and staff.

The staff at Oakwood has the ability to see beyond this terrible disease of the mind, to see the residents as the people that they are, not the disease. They do not have an easy job, any of them, yet they do it with patient tender care and most importantly love for their residents. I never felt that the staff had taken my place, (something family care givers struggle with) I felt that now I had a small army of ally's fighting this terrible disease.

I am ever so grateful to the staff, for everything they have done for my Grandfather and my family. Thank you for gifting my Grandfather, and our family, with compassion, dignity, and love. In the tumultuous sea of Alzheimer's, you were our safe haven."

~Rosemary Schuster, PA


"I am so very pleased my mom was able to stay at Oakwood Terrace. I have nothing but the utmost respect and love for all the people working at this memory care facility. The management and staff went above and beyond the call of duty to allow my mom to stay as long as she possibly could. Oakwood Terrace treated my mom like family, and I for one, will be eternally grateful!"

~E. Hart, PA


"This is a wonderful facility with caring and professional staff. Words cannot express my appreciation for the love and care you provided for my dad in his last few months. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

~Judy Eisenhauer, PA