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Oakwood Terrace's specialized design allows for privacy and personal space while encouraging residents to be active and engaged in activities throughout the day. Bedrooms are available in a variety of types to meet the personal preferences and budgets of our residents.

An exaple of one of our bedrooms.


Oakwood Terrace's four single-story residences—Birch, Oak, Willow, and Pine—are specially designed to provide a home-like atmosphere and make the transition to a new living environment as easy as possible.


A Personal Sense of Space

Daily life at Birch, Oak, Willow, or Pine allows residents to enjoy a home-like atmosphere with neighbors who become good friends in a family-like setting. This encourages social interaction and participation in daily activities. Just like our programs are designed to provide support, stimulation, and education, our residences are designed to meet the daily needs of our residents for social interaction, personal space, and a supportive community.

Our wam and inviting lobby with fireplace.