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Frequently Asked Questions

The choice to move my loved one to special care is the most difficult thing I have ever done. How can you help me make the move?

Our first goal is to help you and your loved one during this challenging time. You will feel our caring and support as we walk with you each step of the way. Family support sessions will give you assistance emotionally and educationally. Our experienced staff will even teach you how to say good bye when you leave. You can rest assured that our staff is always there, helping your loved one with the little things of daily life and with the big things to help them feel at home.

How do residents spend the day?

Our entire staff spends the day engaging residents and helping them be happy and content. While residents have free choice about what to do with their day, we offer and encourage many therapeutic and fun activities. Exercise, walks in the garden, games with others, group activities, and individual projects—these are the things that fill our days. From making crafts or candy to getting exercise, there is always something to do. We enjoy living life to the fullest.

Can residents go outdoors?

Many activities take place in the gardens. Outdoor activities are part of our therapeutic programs. You will find people planting, watering, weeding, or just "smelling the roses." You will see families enjoying the patio, wandering through the grape arbor, or sitting in the gazebo. The shade garden offers good bird watching, and the walking path has garden ornaments, benches, and other points of interest along the way. We are located on 2.5 acres in a quiet neighborhood away from busy roads or bodies of water, and our garden is fenced and locked, which allows residents to spend time outside.

Can residents be awake and out of their rooms at night?

Our staff is available to meet the needs of our residents 24 hours per day. We offer snacks, converse, watch "old time movies," and gently redirect back to sleep.

What type of staff training do you offer?

All employees receive ongoing training that promotes caregiving with respect, sensitivity to individual differences, and dementia-specific skills. All employees are trained in first aid and CPR. Our staff meets monthly for intensive training sessions on various topics that directly relate to providing the best care and services for our residents and promoting good communication with family members. Foremost, our employees are selected and trained for being caring and patient.