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CareTracker® Revolutionizes Resident Care

In August, 2012, Oakwood Terrace became the first personal care home in northeastern Pennsylvania to launch CareTracker®, a state-of-the-art resident documentation system.

CareTracker® helps improve the quality of resident care, improves documentation accuracy, reduces risk, and improves communication between staff and families. By placing touch screen devices (kiosks) in strategic locations, CareTracker® makes it easy and efficient for caregivers to record required resident documentation.

As the information is entered, CareTracker® analysis tools constantly scan for changes in resident conditions. Management associates will be alerted when the conditions change beyond certain pre-established thresholds for quality care.

CareTracker® then allows managers to communicate important information back to associates by sending messages and updating resident profiles.

For Janine Kubasko-Starinsky, Executive Director of Oakwood Terrace, the CareTracker® system revolutionizes resident care. "It allows our nursing department to closely monitor the accuracy and efficiency of the resident's basic daily needs. I think it is a thorough and extensive communication tool for all departments that not only ensures documentation consistency, but also enhances camaraderie among team members. It is a solid tracking tool. If family members have any questions, we can pull up any report immediately, analyze the data and determine if any additional care is needed from any department."

Ms. Starinsky adds: "I am so honored that we have the means to provide this in such a vulnerable environment to ease the concerns of emotionally distraught families. The CareTracker® system speaks for the residents each time the resident attendants enter data into it. Not to mention it's GREEN! By going paperless, we are reducing paper consumption and doing our part to save the environment."


An example of one of our state-of-the-art CareTracker kiosks.

The CareTracker® Kiosk

The Industry's Most Advanced eMAR by ALMSA

ALMSA's eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record) solution is the industry standard in medication administration tracking. Features include:

• Photos for patient identification

• Resident diagnosis, allergies, dietary requirements

• Tracks historical records and monthly changes

• Vitals tracking

• Advanced reporting

• Integration with pharmacies

• Automatic physician recap orders